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South African artist Gary Bruce Smith works in pastel, oil and acrylic, as well as producing sculpture in ciment fondu, steel and fibre glass. Besides absorbing inspiration from contemporary art history, Gary’s works have their source in revelations from the mystics like Meister Eckhardt and from Zen Buddhism, Shamanism and Western Philosophers, particularly Martin Heidegger. Gary is currently working on a series of paintings that incorporate sculptural forms. He is also reading for his PhD on The Dark Gods.

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About visual communication

All about visual communication Why does visual communication dominate in the modern world? The web has definitely become more visual – images and infographics are everywhere and visual marketing has become a catchword to express this emphasis on the image. But just how has this emphasis on the visual evolved over time and how does it(…)

Our environment in danger

  More needs to be done about environmental pollution! Earth Day recently brought the issue of the continuing damage and degradation of our environment to the fore. industry is becoming more aware- companies like Lanseria Plastics, for example,  provide as way of recycling industrial waste. But while many are becoming more aware of the reality that our(…)

All about Facebook image sizes

Here is very helpful infographic that  guides you through the different Facebook image sizes  as well as ad dimensions. It is difficult and time consuming  to keep up with the required and optimum sizes of images on the different social media  networks, For example, do you know the correct size of the Timeline Cover Photo(…)

Blog writing tips

   Blog writing Writing and maintaining a bog on your website has become almost expected and it certainly  increases your visibility and traffic online. These blog writing tips provide useful insights into what it takes to create a quality blog  post. Content has become the main way of improving the  quality and  visibility of your(…)

The way that technology impacts health

The link between and technology and health and the way that technology impacts health, is an ongoing debate with deep divides. On the one side there are those who see technological innovation as a boon to modern physical and mental health; on the other side are those who claim that technology is the cause of(…)

What is customer development and why is it important today?

  In online marketing terms, 2014 is the time of  engagement and interaction, largely as a result of  the growth of mobile  social networking.  As a result, customer relationships and development have become a vital part of any contemporary marketing campaign. However, what many modern marketers mean by customer development is significantly different to the(…)

Dynamic vs. Static IP Addresses

An IP address is similar to a phone number. It is a 32-bit number that identifies clients and servers on the Internet. Simply stated, every computer on  a network like the Internet has a unique identifier. In the similar way that the address on a letter functions, computers use  this unique identification to send and(…)

The Reality of Mobile Usage and Social Media Growth in South Africa

It is a well known fact that South Africa has one of the largest telecommunications markets on the African continent. Mobile phones have become a popular and  prevalent form of voice and data communications among many sectors of the population in South Africa, especially for use in informal business. Cell phones are in fact taking(…)

SEO update: the end of keyword SEO

Gary Smith for Imaginet At last there is some clarity around the continual debate about whether  ” SEO is dead”.  the truth is that SEO has changed irrevocably. One of the latest changes reflected in Google’s algorithms  is Hummingbird.  Hummingbird is rather a point of accumulation of the many prior changes to search engine ranking(…)

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