Routers and Problems

Your internet is down.. again !  What can be the problem now? Before you get rattled and start ripping out cords and rebooting or … in dire traits, reformatting, ….. check your modem. This piece of essential equipment is susceptible to power surgers, storms, and general wear and tear.  It can often be so simple(…)

Telegram, the new WhatsApp contender?

There is a new app that may replace the popular whatsApp as your messenger app of choice. This is Telegram, which is a  free cross-platform messaging app. While the app is in many respects very similar to the prolific  WhatsApp, there are some important differences . Telegram is in effect a new and innovative messaging(…)

How to do SEO in 2015

What is clear from this infographic and dozens of articles on the subject is that optimizing your website for the search engines has changed. While adhering to the best technical guidelines that will help your site reach page one, the search engines now take a lot more into account when ascertaining site position in search. What is(…)

Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers

  Written by Gary Cobbledick. Sales representative extraordinaire. Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers There is a lot that gamers are willing to put up with to get their multiplayer fix. We’ll play with low graphics if we don’t have the best rig,endure some (truly incredible conditions at LANs, and even cope with very angry(…)


The infographic below provides a basic overview of the difference between  cloud computing and the traditional computer to back up your data. One of the most obvious differences  is that equipment failure or failure of your hard drive will usually mean the loss of all your data – while data stored on cloud is not linked to local(…)

Social media shortcuts

Social Media keyboard short-cuts. We thought that we would share this very useful infographic with you – its all about speeding up your time on social media with handy keyboard shortcuts.  Social media is becoming more intensive everyday and keeping up with a wide range of networks is time-consuming. These short cuts go some way to improving your social media experience. The infographic is arranged to show the most(…)

Introduction to Social Media

 Simple intro to social media Here is a very brief but useful intro to social media that we thought we would share for those who are still new to the whole social media scene. It gives an overview and outline of some basic definitions and insights into the main networks. Strictly for the newbie but  it(…)

Starting a web design project

We thought we would share this great infographic with you on starting a web design project. This infographic also provides tips on how to go about a web design project and  insights into the actual design process. Vigo for the best graphic design and branding

Introduction to Web Hosting

A brief introduction to Web hosting Web hosting is dependent on web servers that act as the  interface between your computer  and the Internet. In fact the internet is a large array of web servers that host web page sand services.  – as the infographic below clearly shows. There are different kinds of Web hosting These include: shared(…)

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