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Free domain and micro-hosting with Per GB deal!!

The latest offering from Imaginet includes not only the highest priority bandwidth on the IS network and the highest speeds, but also free co.za domain registration and Micro-hosting Imaginet’s Per GB Business packages offer the highest priority bandwidth on the IS network and the highest speeds. We’re proud to offer these quality unshaped broadband connections with no(…)

Our over-medicated world

The following infographic  reveals  very disturbing aspect of out modern technological society— the problem of over-medication and too great a  reliance on medication. The  infographic deals with the North American situation but the insights can relevant to many other countries, including South Africa, . Among the alarming insights that this infographic provides is the fact(…)

How often should you post on social media?

The issue of when and how often to post on social media  is a tricky one. The optimum number of posts on a network depends on various factors – your audience demographic, the type of info you are sharing, as well as when to post. However, there are general guidelines to follow when to comes(…)

Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers

  Written by Gary Cobbledick. Sales representative extraordinaire. Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers There is a lot that gamers are willing to put up with to get their multiplayer fix. We’ll play with low graphics if we don’t have the best rig,endure some (truly incredible conditions at LANs, and even cope with very angry(…)

How to conserve your laptop battery power

  There are a number of ways to conserve your laptops battery power and to extend your work time. –          Reduce multitasking.  In the process of multitasking between different applications one often leaves some applications open unnecessarily – this consumes battery power. Try to reduce your multitasking to the essentials.   –          If you are(…)

SEO update: the end of keyword SEO

Gary Smith for Imaginet At last there is some clarity around the continual debate about whether  ” SEO is dead”.  the truth is that SEO has changed irrevocably. One of the latest changes reflected in Google’s algorithms  is Hummingbird.  Hummingbird is rather a point of accumulation of the many prior changes to search engine ranking(…)

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