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How to conserve your laptop battery power

  There are a number of ways to conserve your laptops battery power and to extend your work time. –          Reduce multitasking.  In the process of multitasking between different applications one often leaves some applications open unnecessarily – this consumes battery power. Try to reduce your multitasking to the essentials.   –          If you are(…)

SEO update: the end of keyword SEO

Gary Smith for Imaginet At last there is some clarity around the continual debate about whether  ” SEO is dead”.  the truth is that SEO has changed irrevocably. One of the latest changes reflected in Google’s algorithms  is Hummingbird.  Hummingbird is rather a point of accumulation of the many prior changes to search engine ranking(…)

Become an Imaginet virtual provider

Become an Imaginet virtual provider and experience the best of both worlds: great customer service, great prices, great support and all with the added benefit of being able to resell our products at any price you choose.   Customer service has always been one of Imaginet’s highest priorities, and as one of our resellers you(…)

Why Google Plus is growing in popularity

      By Gary Smith for Imaginet Google plus is growing in popularity for a number of very good reasons. In the first place it provides a manageable means of communication with your followers – which is made even more effective by the simple but ingenious ‘circles’. By selecting certain followers and placing them(…)

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