Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers

  Written by Gary Cobbledick. Sales representative extraordinaire. Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers There is a lot that gamers are willing to put up with to get their multiplayer fix. We’ll play with low graphics if we don’t have the best rig,endure some (truly incredible conditions at LANs, and even cope with very angry(…)

If I have Dropbox, why do I need cloud backup ?

Both Dropbox and cloud services are in place for very different purposes. To make the distinction clearer it is best to describe Dropbox and similarly the Google Drive facility, as more of a sync and backup application. These kinds of online services are excellent for making selected files available to someone else’s personal computer or mobile(…)

Introduction to Web Hosting

A brief introduction to Web hosting Web hosting is dependent on web servers that act as the  interface between your computer  and the Internet. In fact the internet is a large array of web servers that host web page sand services.  – as the infographic below clearly shows. There are different kinds of Web hosting These include: shared(…)

Why you should choose Imaginet’s Business Hosting

  Business Hosting Experience Imaginet’s business hosting solutions provide for expert care and maintenance  of your  bushiness data. With more than 15 years industry experience, Imaginet has the expertise to look after your critical business data. Our state of the art equipment is housed in a secure Data Centre with network redundancy to ensure a(…)

Hosting..why do I need it?

From Imaginet   Everyone talks about hosting, websites and domains.  While these are common terms in today’s world, a lot of us are not sure how hosting works and why we need it to get our website on the internet. The first step to getting a website up is to purchase a domain name.  It(…)

New Social Networking Management Service: we setup and manage your social networks for you!

Imaginet has initiated a brand new social networking setup and management service. Having an active social network has become essential for the business person and the having your social network set up and managed by Imaginet ISP is not only a sensible step forward but also a decision that will validate your business vision and(…)

How Artists Can Use Social Media– Part 2

by Gary Smith for Imaginet Try our new social networking management service In the previous post – How artists and photographers can use socials media – I introduced some ideas on art promotion. This article explores this theme further and looks at ways of selling and advertising one’s art online. Art is always searching for new modes of expression and Twenty First(…)

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