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Why Google Plus is growing in popularity

      By Gary Smith for Imaginet Google plus is growing in popularity for a number of very good reasons. In the first place it provides a manageable means of communication with your followers – which is made even more effective by the simple but ingenious ‘circles’. By selecting certain followers and placing them(…)

Understanding Social Media online

Social media has become a vague term that tends to suggest many aspects of modern online communication. This paper -Understanding Social Media – from is intended to shed light on this term and make it more contextual and understandable. This paper is updated daily – so please return to ensure you get the latest news. View our Site Creator Hosting package  (…)

Why you should choose Imaginet’s Business Hosting

  Business Hosting Experience Imaginet’s business hosting solutions provide for expert care and maintenance  of your  bushiness data. With more than 15 years industry experience, Imaginet has the expertise to look after your critical business data. Our state of the art equipment is housed in a secure Data Centre with network redundancy to ensure a(…)

How Artists Can Use Social Media 3 – Twitter

by Gary Smith for Imaginet Don’t forget to download your free eBook on  Website promotion. No longer does the artist have to depend  on the vicissitudes of the gallery to sell his or her art. The barriers are down and social media and networks now offer the modern artist a solution to the question; how do I sell art online? But(…)

How do I choose an Internet Service Provider to suit my business needs?

Sometimes choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is best for your business is a little like looking into a crystal ball: there are  unknowns and the facts are not always evident. This provides an unique challenge as it defines the way you do business across the board.  It defines the way your clients and(…)

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