Products sold by Imaginet Internet Service Provider in South Africa

Free domain and micro-hosting with Per GB deal!!

The latest offering from Imaginet includes not only the highest priority bandwidth on the IS network and the highest speeds, but also free domain registration and Micro-hosting Imaginet’s Per GB Business packages offer the highest priority bandwidth on the IS network and the highest speeds. We’re proud to offer these quality unshaped broadband connections with no(…)

New amazing Basic Home Uncapped ADSL prices from Imaginet

Have a look at our new Amazing Prices  for basic home uncapped data at Imaginet. Go to and see for yourself. At Imaginet, the Internet has become such an important part of our daily lives we can’t imagine being without it! We don’t want to imagine you without it either, so our Basic Home Uncapped ADSL(…)

The importance of user intent for SEO

What is user intent and why has it become so important in optimizing your website? There is a  huge difference between standard  keyword research and establishing user intent in the praxis of SEO. An excellent article from provides this insight. “Keyword research has long been heralded as a pillar of a proper SEO strategy. In fact, without(…)


The infographic below provides a basic overview of the difference between  cloud computing and the traditional computer to back up your data. One of the most obvious differences  is that equipment failure or failure of your hard drive will usually mean the loss of all your data – while data stored on cloud is not linked to local(…)

If I have Dropbox, why do I need cloud backup ?

Both Dropbox and cloud services are in place for very different purposes. To make the distinction clearer it is best to describe Dropbox and similarly the Google Drive facility, as more of a sync and backup application. These kinds of online services are excellent for making selected files available to someone else’s personal computer or mobile(…)

Imaginet Cloud BackUp

Imaginet Cloud Back Up Stratus Cloud Back up for Clients! Host all your important information where it is safe, secure and readily available any time you need it. South African hosted servers and support is at your fingertips and you can set it up to automatically backup your new data off-site on an hourly, daily(…)

Surveys places Imaginet among top for ISP response times

Imaginet among the top in terms of customer response times A recent survey of ISP response times shows that Imaginet has a  response time of 8 minutes which makes it number two in terms of customer response times in South Africa. The survey was carried out by Timeroreply ( and Imaginet came second among all the ISPs. The company(…)

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