Google Plus for Marketing

This is one of the most comprehensive and informative infographics on marketing using Google + that we have encountered. This social network provides a wide range for avenues for you to connect with clients and to market your business- or promote your services. Google Plus  has more than 250 million users Customers can find you on all Google platforms(…)


The infographic below provides a basic overview of the difference between  cloud computing and the traditional computer to back up your data. One of the most obvious differences  is that equipment failure or failure of your hard drive will usually mean the loss of all your data – while data stored on cloud is not linked to local(…)

Hidden features in Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin

We came across this very interesting infographic on valuable hidden features in the main social networks that we though would be of interest to you.  There are some amazing things here:for example did you know that you can add multiple images to a Twitter post and that you can communicate with people whom you are not connected with? As social network evolve and grow so their ability to connect and interact increases in subtle(…)

Starting a web design project

We thought we would share this great infographic with you on starting a web design project. This infographic also provides tips on how to go about a web design project and  insights into the actual design process. Vigo for the best graphic design and branding

About visual communication

All about visual communication Why does visual communication dominate in the modern world? The web has definitely become more visual – images and infographics are everywhere and visual marketing has become a catchword to express this emphasis on the image. But just how has this emphasis on the visual evolved over time and how does it(…)

Blog writing tips

   Blog writing Writing and maintaining a bog on your website has become almost expected and it certainly  increases your visibility and traffic online. These blog writing tips provide useful insights into what it takes to create a quality blog  post. Content has become the main way of improving the  quality and  visibility of your(…)

Tips on creating content for your website | infographic

Creating content is becoming increasingly important for your website marketing and SEO. However, it is not enough merely to produce lots of content. The search engines, as well  as  the Internet audience have become much more discerning and more aware of poor quality and “spammy” content. So, it is imperative to produce content that is not(…)