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Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers

  Written by Gary Cobbledick. Sales representative extraordinaire. Imaginet’s per-gig packages recommended for South African gamers There is a lot that gamers are willing to put up with to get their multiplayer fix. We’ll play with low graphics if we don’t have the best rig,endure some (truly incredible conditions at LANs, and even cope with very angry(…)

Pensioners in tough times.

By Beryl Smith – Pensioner  for Imaginet Yes, things are tough! Today’s pension just does not enable us to live a pleasant life anymore. We are perpetually worried about the electricity hikes, petrol costs and our car maintenance.. which is ageing as we are. Food? – how can we afford to live on the high(…)

How to Save today.

    It’s nearly the end of the month and the cat needs her shots, the fuel gauge is on empty and clothing stores are starting to call !  Sound familiar? It’s time to budget. In South Africa the international recession has finally hit and it has hit hard. Most households have found the fuel(…)

Eclectic Fashion on the brink of weird!

Theresa Lutge-Smith for Imaginet     Clothing is not only a necessity to provide warmth and protection; it’s also an expression of culture, region, customs, beliefs, climate, and gender. For instance, a billowing white toga is generally associated with the Roman Empire; a brilliantly colored, ornate kimono is most often associated with Japan; and an(…)

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