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How to protect yourself from malware – Malwarebytes

Security  on your desktop and your mobile devices has become an important issue in today’s always-on  world. Consequently, protecting yourself from infection and intrusion by malware is a matter of priority for online users.  What is Malware ? Wikipedia defines malware as ” ..malicious software…any software used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to(…)

Importance of mobile marketing for business

Mobile usage is becoming increasingly important as a major factor in advertising  your business. This eye-opening infographic shows the increasing importance of paying attention  to mobile platforms in marketing and promoting your website and products. When one considers that there are four billion people who have a mobile device with 271 million mobile subscribers in the(…)

Dynamic vs. Static IP Addresses

An IP address is similar to a phone number. It is a 32-bit number that identifies clients and servers on the Internet. Simply stated, every computer on  a network like the Internet has a unique identifier. In the similar way that the address on a letter functions, computers use  this unique identification to send and(…)

Why you should choose Imaginet’s Business Hosting

  Business Hosting Experience Imaginet’s business hosting solutions provide for expert care and maintenance  of your  bushiness data. With more than 15 years industry experience, Imaginet has the expertise to look after your critical business data. Our state of the art equipment is housed in a secure Data Centre with network redundancy to ensure a(…)

Retro-customizing Windows 8 to feel like Windows 7

Simon Bream for Imaginet In previous articles I have discussed the difficulty that many windows fans have in getting used to the new Windows 8 interface and its system of operating. Usability experts are also finding the new version of Windows to be less user-friendly than precious versions of the operating system. As Raluca Budiu of the(…)

Social Media Book

  How is this book structured? Understanding how social networks function and how to make optimum use of them is at the centre of this eBook. The key to understanding social media is the realization that the entire range of social networking sites and applications, from Facebook to Pinterest, are concerned with one central theme(…)