Understanding Social Media online

Social media has become a vague term that tends to suggest many aspects of modern online communication. This paper -Understanding Social Media – from is intended to shed light on this term and make it more contextual and understandable. This paper is updated daily – so please return to ensure you get the latest news. View our Site Creator Hosting package  (…)

Why you need a social media management service

Imaginet recently introduced a new website –, as the central hub of our social media management service. The reason for the creation this site is that we have received numerous requests from people asking for a professional service to assist them with the time-consuming process of establishing and maintaining a viable social media strategy.(…)

How Artists Can Use Social Media 3 – Twitter

by Gary Smith for Imaginet Don’t forget to download your free eBook on  Website promotion. No longer does the artist have to depend  on the vicissitudes of the gallery to sell his or her art. The barriers are down and social media and networks now offer the modern artist a solution to the question; how do I sell art online? But(…)

New Social Networking Management Service: we setup and manage your social networks for you!

Imaginet has initiated a brand new social networking setup and management service. Having an active social network has become essential for the business person and the having your social network set up and managed by Imaginet ISP is not only a sensible step forward but also a decision that will validate your business vision and(…)

Why understanding social networks is vital

  Social networks and social media are vital because they are the future of communication, professional interaction and commerce. Social Interaction and engagement are not just terms bandied about by marketers, they are in fact pivotal elements in modern communications and business, as well as in other professional areas. With the advent of online marketing,(…)

How to promote and increase traffic to your site| Free eBook

  Extract from our downloadable eBook…. The secret to successful website promotion via social networking is to choose those networks that suit your aims and content. Twitter for example is a perfect platform for short updates, links to informative content on your site and others and a quick way of keeping your followers and client’s up-to–date(…)

Business Gobbledygook Doesn’t Just Happen – It’s a Sign of the Times!

Words by Theresa Lütge-Smith for Imaginet Don’t forget to download our free eBook!! According to a recent survey, “thinking outside the box” (to look at things differently) and “going forward” (exploring future prospects) are two of many insufferable management phrases people not only find annoying and an obstacle to procuring new business, but also result in making English Language(…)

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