Understanding Social Media online

Social media has become a vague term that tends to suggest many aspects of modern online communication. This paper -Understanding Social Media – from is intended to shed light on this term and make it more contextual and understandable. This paper is updated daily – so please return to ensure you get the latest news. View our Site Creator Hosting package  (…)

Solutions needed to strengthen workplace productivity

Words by Theresa Lütge-Smith  for Imaginet Today’s workforce and workplace is made up of four distinct generations with conflicting attitudes, skills, and expectations. Generally referred to as Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y, these four generations—when well managed under a flexible strategic umbrella—have the potential to make the workspace more productive and comprehensive(…)

Pensioners in tough times.

By Beryl Smith – Pensioner  for Imaginet Yes, things are tough! Today’s pension just does not enable us to live a pleasant life anymore. We are perpetually worried about the electricity hikes, petrol costs and our car maintenance.. which is ageing as we are. Food? – how can we afford to live on the high(…)

How Artists Can Use Social Media– Part 2

by Gary Smith for Imaginet Try our new social networking management service In the previous post – How artists and photographers can use socials media – I introduced some ideas on art promotion. This article explores this theme further and looks at ways of selling and advertising one’s art online. Art is always searching for new modes of expression and Twenty First(…)

Business Gobbledygook Doesn’t Just Happen – It’s a Sign of the Times!

Words by Theresa Lütge-Smith for Imaginet Don’t forget to download our free eBook!! According to a recent survey, “thinking outside the box” (to look at things differently) and “going forward” (exploring future prospects) are two of many insufferable management phrases people not only find annoying and an obstacle to procuring new business, but also result in making English Language(…)

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