Our over-medicated world

The following infographic  reveals  very disturbing aspect of out modern technological society— the problem of over-medication and too great a  reliance on medication. The  infographic deals with the North American situation but the insights can relevant to many other countries, including South Africa, . Among the alarming insights that this infographic provides is the fact(…)

How to protect yourself from malware – Malwarebytes

Security  on your desktop and your mobile devices has become an important issue in today’s always-on  world. Consequently, protecting yourself from infection and intrusion by malware is a matter of priority for online users.  What is Malware ? Wikipedia defines malware as ” ..malicious software…any software used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to(…)

Social media is growing up. Tweets in Google search

Social media is growing up. Tweets in  Google search The recent  deal and intersection between Google and Twitter is a trend that suggests the future importance of social media for search engine ranking. In essence, but only erratically and in some countries at present, tweets are now appearing in Google search carousels. Basically this means(…)

Video -Learn about the social media revolution 2015

Social media is a phenomenon that has evolved into a ” revolution”. This may sound extreme but many pundits point  out that with the increase in mobile phones and applications,  social media deserves this appellation. Simply put, social media has become much more pervasive and a part of daily life for millions. But what does this(…)

How has SEO changed?

The field of search engine optimization has changed radically over the past few years. As more websites  are  being  created each day many website owners wonder why their site is nowhere to be seen in the first few results or pages of the search engines. The answer to this lies in SEO or the process of optimizing(…)

Social media shortcuts

Social Media keyboard short-cuts. We thought that we would share this very useful infographic with you – its all about speeding up your time on social media with handy keyboard shortcuts.  Social media is becoming more intensive everyday and keeping up with a wide range of networks is time-consuming. These short cuts go some way to improving your social media experience. The infographic is arranged to show the most(…)

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