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How to conserve your laptop battery power

  There are a number of ways to conserve your laptops battery power and to extend your work time. –          Reduce multitasking.  In the process of multitasking between different applications one often leaves some applications open unnecessarily – this consumes battery power. Try to reduce your multitasking to the essentials.   –          If you are(…)

How to Save today.

    It’s nearly the end of the month and the cat needs her shots, the fuel gauge is on empty and clothing stores are starting to call !  Sound familiar? It’s time to budget. In South Africa the international recession has finally hit and it has hit hard. Most households have found the fuel(…)

Visas and Passports for Travel.

  By Dianne Miller     Wanna travel but just hate the paperwork for visas  and the infuriating queues at Home Affairs?  South Africa now has an agency that handles this all for you. Whether you are planning a dream holiday, a business trip or a study year, Visa & Passports Unlimited are now considered(…)

Eclectic Fashion on the brink of weird!

Theresa Lutge-Smith for Imaginet     Clothing is not only a necessity to provide warmth and protection; it’s also an expression of culture, region, customs, beliefs, climate, and gender. For instance, a billowing white toga is generally associated with the Roman Empire; a brilliantly colored, ornate kimono is most often associated with Japan; and an(…)

It must be a story tale- the white treasures: Fairy Tern

By Tammy Sawers       Photo: John Dickens (   Upon our arrival on Fregate we were greeted by swooping blurs of white as Gygis alba, commonly referred to as fairy terns inquistively hovered around our heads! Like something out of a story book my first sights of fregate island were completely overwhelming(…)

Travel and work in exotic places !

By Tammy Sawers   See Imaginet’s  Internet hosting products View our extensive Pinterest Boards A week has passed since  I arrived on one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Fregate island, Seychelles! We were fortunate enough to be accepted as volunteers for monitoring Hawksbill turtles on the island for two months and so far(…)