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There are numerous articles  on how to promote your website – however, there are some very important tips and methods of for promotion that are often neglected. Here are a few of these.

1. Quality content.
Did you know that content creation is now considered one of the best ways to improve your search engine optimization or SEO? Without good SEO your brilliant website might never be seen. Quality and viewer directed content, according to the experts, is the way to go. As one study notes” … high-quality written content tops the list as the most effective SEO tactic marketers have up their sleeves. Around 57 percent said content creation is the best way to achieve their most important business goals (namely: lead generation, website traffic and search rankings). Unfortunately, it’s also cited as the hardest to get right.” (Content creation rated best SEO tactic, but also hardest to master)

2. Directories.Submitting your site to high-ranking blog and other online sites can help you to glean important backlinks to your website. Remember that Google and other search engines rank your site according to the number of important websites that link to you. However, be very careful of low quality and spammy directories as these having a link from these sites can have a detrimental affect on your search engine ranking.

3. Use Social Media.
Of course everyone is talking about the advantages of social media for promotion of your website – but there is much more to social media  marketing than meets the eye. Each social network has a different demographic, style and format that you need to understand.  There is for example, a very specific way of optimizing your posts to Google Plus. Bear in mind that social  media is also ephemeral. Three hours is the estimated time that a twitter post will remain accessible before it disappears into the mass of  online data. So, when you post is also of critical value in promotion. Social media marketing is a complex and evolving field and keeping up to date with the latest developments is essential. A good start is to bookmark this site- Socialmedia Today at

4. Semantic search.While you already should have undertaken keyword research to establish which are the best keywords and phrases to use in your titles, metadata and  content many people are not yet aware of the changing SEO landscape and the importance of semantic search. Read our previously published article on this subject and get hold of a  copy of the influential  book by David Amerland , Google Semantic Search.

5. Tell your story on Pinterest . Pinterest is a social network that has become increasingly popular mainly due to its strong visual impact. However, what many people do not realize is that it is a perfect medium for promoting your personal image and unique brand or character  via visual storytelling. Because of Pinterest’s format you can take pics of your staff at work or busy with their hobbies and develop a Pinterest board that will provide unique insight into who you are .

6. Make a point of joining and posting to Google Plus on both your personal and business or professional pages. Google Plus is, according to many experts, an essential way of increasing your presence on Google search. More on this subject in our next post.

7. Use bigger and better images. The web is definitely becoming more visual and sites with bland and unimpressive graphics are losing out. Larger images are also better as they tend to catch the eye. Color is also extremely important. Studies have found that images with sharp colours and high contrast (dark and light difference) tend to receive most attention.


What are infographics? Our article on infographics explains all. If you are not quite sure what they are then pay a visit to our Pinterest board on social media. Infographics are extremely popular online as a condensed source of information and usually attract three times as many clicks as text articles.