How often should you post

The issue of when and how often to post on social media  is a tricky one. The optimum number of posts on a network depends on various factors – your audience demographic, the type of info you are sharing, as well as when to post. However, there are general guidelines to follow when to comes to posting.

There are some important aspects to remember about posting- and one of the most significant of these is that each network differs in the number of posts that are seen to be acceptable or “too much”.

As the video below points out, if one posts too often on a social network like Facebook this can be perceived as being intrusive and a “nuisance” and may have a negative impact on your reception on that network. On the other hand, Twitter is a network that depends on quantity because of the relatively short time that posts remain active on the network. So there is really no maximum for posting on Twitter – but, you also have to ensure that you do not overdo it with too many brand and product posts that may annoy your viewers.

LinkedIn is another social media network that should be limited to five or six posts a week. However, one should make sure that posts to this network are fully optimized and that one takes advantage of the Pulse publishing section of the network.

On Pinterest on the other hand one can post about thirty new posts each day – the important thing here is to ensure that you include attractive and compelling images of high quality and resolution.