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imaginet seo services

imaginet seo services

Websites are in trouble. Google has changed the game plan and many websites are struggling to get their pages to reflect in the top ten on Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, many SEO services are overpriced, basic and often unprofessional. Imaginet offers the first truly affordable and effective search engine optimization service that will improve your search engine ranking.We are also  fully aware of the changes in Google’s algorithm changes  and include their new ranking criteria in our SEO.

Imaginet SEO Services provides the best and most affordable SEO service available!

SEO Packages

1. Brief overview of your site with general improvement advice.  (R 299.00)

2. Full assessment: Complete analysis and action plan -which includes:

Keyword analysis  – with suggestions and full report.

On page  status of  page errors and areas for improvement – with action plan.

Content analysis  – with practical suggestions for improvement.

Backlink analysis  and action plan for increasing incoming links.

Social SEO analysis -with full action plan

Pricing – R 899.00 for sites of up to ten pages

R 1600.00 for sites with up to 30 pages.

If you have a larger site please contact us for a customised quotation.

Google has changed the SEO game plan and many sites have been hit hard by the ongoing Panda and Penguin updates to Google’s algorithms. You can check if Google’s updates have impacted our traffic with this free Tool (See how Google’s algorithm updates have impacted your traffic) 

This means that there are new  and important criteria that a website has or meet before you can rank on the search engines. This includes the increasing value of content that is SEO compliant. Imaginet provides a comprehensive analysis of your site with regard to new and standard SEO criteria. Contact for more information on our SEO Services.