social network management

Imaginet has initiated a brand new social networking setup and management service.

Having an active social network has become essential for the business person and the having your social network set up and managed by Imaginet ISP is not only a sensible step forward but also a decision that will validate your business vision and strategic thinking. We have successfully established our own niche within the social media market and can also make a well-defined difference to how your business is perceived of and related to within your target marketplace.

Imagine that! We will have you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter in no time. Having a dynamic online presence is more than creating mere visibility or inadvertent branding, its a revolutionary pursuit that can change the way successful small businesses increase Web Traffic, interact with customers, reach out to new markets, and helps create a personality for your business.

The Big Picture guides Small Decisions! Get your social network set-up today!  Imaginet ISP is offering a special deal for social media start-up and management. This is your opportunity to Generate Buzz – don’t get left behind!

Establishing and managing social networks effectively takes time and training. To assist in this process Imaginet has introduced two new services to their range of products. as well as setting you up we will manage your social networks for you. Our social media management service is  comprehensive, fully customized to achieve your market expectations.

Social Network Startup

We will connect you quickly and effectively to any of the major social networks. Click here for more details.

Social Media Management

Managing your social network is important, right! But it’s also very demanding of your time and energy! To free up your time and deliver market-driven analysis imagi-nation offers a customized service that is strictly tailored to achieve your outcome expectations.

The program consists of:

  • daily content updates of each social network
  • daily monitoring
  • regular follower interaction
  • trend watching
  • search for and connect with prospective clients or followers
  • compilation of monthly statistics and reports
  • submission of all referrals and inquires

In brief, imagi-nation provides a full social network service  that maintains contact with your existing customers, attracts new clientele and leaves you free to grow your business – at our special introductory price. For more information click here…