People hate to be sold but love to BUY !

By Theresa Lutge-Smith

love to BUY

Guest posting for Imaginet

No matter what kind of business you run it’s never a good idea to badger a customer when building a value proposition to market your services or products. While it is expected of you to demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm to grab the attention of a potential buyer, it’s imperative that your choice of words and conduct clearly shows that your priority is to build a friendly rapport with the customer to first discover their requirements before pushing solutions that may be irrelevant. Putting the customer first in the selling process is imperative; it enhances the sales person’s relationship with the customer and enables them to clearly demonstrate their value proposition.

Top performing sales and marketing people are self-starters with strong relationship and project management skills; they take a proactive approach and set specific, achievable yet challenging goals relevant to their personal situation. They know the best way to present their product or service is to discover their customer’s objectives and concerns through relevant questions to fully determine their customers’ situation and buying needs. There’s a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive. Think of assertiveness as being firm, but polite; it’s a mindset that says “I want to win, but I’m not going to walk over you to achieve my goal, I respect your opinion and needs, and will work to help you win also. Aggressiveness, on the other hand, is firm but impolite. The aggressive person says “I’m determined to win and don’t care whether or not you get your needs met.”

Telemarketing is one of the biggest businesses in the world today.  However, many telemarketers don’t have adequate experience in dealing with different kinds of people. Top telemarketers are assertive and always in a positive frame of mind, even when dealing with indifferent people. They are great listeners andencourageprospects to reveal their needs and frustrations; compare that to sales people who ask a question but promptly ramble on instead of waiting for the other person’s response. When you call, approach the conversation with sincere interest by introducing an attractive offer that positions your value proposition in a way that captures the customers’ attention within 15 seconds; this means you have a limited window to introduce yourself and make a dynamic pitch. The point of any pitch is to put in plain words how your product or service will help them save time and money. Listen closely to their response and answer any questions truthfully. Some telemarketers follow a pre-written script to convey their message, but this parrot-narration aggravates many customers. You need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with all aspects of your product or service, not only to deliver a convincing marketing pitch but also to conduct a spontaneous discussion; this way you’re far more likely to build rapport and gain the customer’s complete attention, and ultimately close a sale.

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