router problems

Your internet is down.. again !  What can be the problem now?

Before you get rattled and start ripping out cords and rebooting or … in dire traits, reformatting, ….. check your modem. This piece of essential equipment is susceptible to power surgers, storms, and general wear and tear.  It can often be so simple and you miss the obvious checks.


So what do you do first.


1.  Most ISP’s will recommend you had an ADSL filter on the line you are using for the internet.  This can , from time to time, get damaged or full of dust.  To bypass this as a first measure of a process of elimination , inplug the filter and put the cable for your router directly into the wall socket for the Telkom connection.


2.  Are any lights on your modem red or orange. ?  If there is a red or orange light on the internet label, you probably have a line fault.


3. To test your modem properly you will have to log in to it . In order to do this you need to get into your default gateway on the modem. If you are not sure how to go about getting there , here are some helpful tips.



a) open up the command prompt by holding down the windows button and pressing the letter “R”. The RUN mentu should pop up asking you to type in something. Type in “CMD”  and press enter.


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