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Google is focusing on authentic and useful content as a gauge of a sites worth and importance  in search ranking.  This is clear from recent pronouncements by the head of Google’s  Webspam team, Matt Cutts, who would  “love a world where link builders thought first about the content or web site and why that web site is worthy of a link, versus first being concerned about getting links” . (

This says it all. Google is placing emphasis on those sites that provide useful information and value for the user. There is a clear directive here for SEO managers and website marketers to up their game and to refocus their energies away from obsessing about single keyword ranking to a more contextual, authority based and integrated approach to the quality of the content that is being offered. This also means that content should include infographics, video, presentations  etc. Gone are the days when  building links to your site meant the overuse of keywords and  business directories. It’s all about authenticity, user -value and accessibility now.

The above view is re-emphasized in Google’s latest Hummingbird update. “Hummingbird is one more (big) step in the same direction Google has been heading since day one: Deliver the absolute best result to users, as fast as possible”.(‘)

Google has become much more sophisticated and has moved way beyond search ranking based  solely on single keywords or keyword combinations. Referring to the most recent Google updates, Nate Dame of Search Engine land summarizes the present situation as follows:


“One of the goals of this update is to better understand the meaning behind words in search queries and deliver relevant results — for example, searching [pizza] at home might mean you’re looking for a recipe, but searching [pizza] on your phone most likely means you need the closest pizza joint, pronto. Conversational search came up too: “Having a ‘conversation’ with Google should also be more natural” (from Google’s birthday post).”


 What Web marketers should be doing

So, as an SEO adviser or Web marketer, what should you be doing. Firstly, create interesting and awe-inspiring content. You should also be analysing the main influencers and thought leaders in your field and finding out what the user is looking for. Involvement in social networks  and online communities and discussion groups such as Google Plus is a must, as this is where you can pick up on the latest trends and interested.  Finally, from an SEO perspective you should earn your backlinks organically through authoritative and compelling content that entices people to visit and link to your site naturally.

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