What Works in Website Promotion? Four Essential Tips



By Simon Bream for Imaginet

It is no longer good enough merely to create a fantastic web page for your business or product. There are billions of good web pages online and businesses are competing for position in the search engines and employing every search engine optimization (SEO) technique possible.  While SEO is essential, what has become increasingly important in terms of website promotion is the intelligent use of social networks.  Here are a few of the most significant aspects that we have found that work in online marketing.

1. Quality Content.  This is the phrase that every webmaster and online marketer should emblazon on his or her forehead. The days are gone when tons of poor quality content drove traffic to your site. The search engines, especially Google, and the Internet audience have become much more discerning and aware of repetitive, thin and spammy content. They are looking for fresh and interesting content – and this does not only mean text. Content refers as well to images, audio, video and presentations. Consider using free curatorial sites like paper.Li  and Scoop.it  to increase relevant content for your site.

2. Create a Blog. We have found that creating a blog that is linked to your industry, product or profession is a bit of work but has a number of advantages. Many of our clients have found that a daily posting of interesting news and views becomes an effective and important conduit that drives traffic to their main pages. A blog also helps to create brand identity. Posting professional or industry news on a daily basis is a way of indicating to your audience that you are aware of what is happening in your field or industry.

3. Pay attention to the basics of SEO.

Make sure that your metatags are optimized in terms of your main keywords. The most important tag is your site description- but do not include every possible keyword that you can think of, or this might be seen as “keyword stuffing” by the search engines, which will have an eventual detrimental effect on your search engine position. Do a keyword search and examine the keywords that your competitors use. Make sure as well that your links are all working and that you do not repeat the same content on different pages – Google  frowns on this and content duplication  will negatively impact your search engine ranking. There are many other aspects of the design and structure of your website that need to be taken into account – such as whether your site is mobile-friendly. Imaginet will be publishing a short eBook in the following weeks on essential SEO tips.

4. Make use of Social networks.

Having an active Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and possibly Pinterest account is no longer an optional extra, but rather a vital necessity. While it is not necessary to be active in all the main social networks, it is important to have at least two or three accounts that you update daily. Each social network has its own style, requirements and demographic. It is important  to research which of the social networks is best suited to your profile and to begin to be active. Social networking has become a vital part of online as well as offline promotion and marketing. Have a look at this video on the significance of social networks.


In the next post I will explore the central aspects that you need to be aware of in terms of social network marketing.


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