Why understanding social networks is vital

understanding social networks


Social networks and social media are vital because they are the future of communication, professional interaction and commerce.

Social Interaction and engagement are not just terms bandied about by marketers, they are in fact pivotal elements in modern communications and business, as well as in other professional areas. With the advent of online marketing, the accessibility and increase of smart phones and easy to use networking platforms, the world is entering into an unprecedented time of increased online communications and interactions. The following video encapsulates some of these points.


(From: What Will Social Media Look Like in 2020? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-9bzC8u8NE)

The central point, as Bob Zukis states in the above video, is that “…if you’re not on these networks you will become increasingly irrelevant…”. The increasing interest in social media and networking  and a definite move away from the view that social networks are irrelevant chat rooms, can be seen in the way that large corporations and businesses are investigating the potential of social media marketing and its commercial potential.

 Importance Beyond Commerce

The recognition  of social media is not only limited to commerce. Healthcare and medical services are also making use of social media to develop new and innovative ways of protecting and saving lives.  The same can be said of education and the way that social networking is enhancing and improving the teaching experience. Examples abound from many other fields; for example, artists as well are no longer confined by the limits and restrictions of physical galleries to sell their work and many are successfully selling and promoting their work via social networking. 

Social networking is evolving

The present forms of social networking will evolve and change in future, becoming much more integrated  and dynamic in terms of our personal as well as professional lives. This raises the central question: to what extent is your professional life or business prepared  for these changes? Are  you involved in social media  in your professional life and are you aware of the recent developments in social networking? 

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