Intro and overview of the book…
This eBook is intended for those who are new to the social networking scene. It will
also benefit the reader who has a passing acquaintance with social networking and
wants to find out more. You may for example have a Facebook page and possibly a
Twitter account but you feel that you are not getting the most out of the social
networking scene. While you may have tinkered with a LinkedIn account as well you
might not be quite sure how this should be managed and how it relates to Facebook
and Twitter. This eBook is intended to provide you with an overview of the main
social networks and how to use them.
The social networking phenomenon has been accelerating rapidly during the past
few years and has become more diverse and complex. Previously, when one
thought of social networking one immediately referred to Facebook as a method of
keeping in touch with friends and family. But the Social networking scene has
exploded with a number of new and important players. These now include, among
others, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and the latest kid on the block, Pinterst.
Furthermore, social networking has matured. It is no longer seen as a ‘hobby’ or part
time activity but is now considered as an essential component of professional
contacting, business and marketing. Many companies see social networks as
essential in order to compete in the market place at the same time many also feel at
a loss to deal with this upsurge in complexity and interaction. This eBook is intended
to ease your transition into the world of social networking.

In a nutshell then the aim of this eBook is to provide a simple but holistic
approach to the subject of social networking. It is intended for those who have
either just begun to dabble in social media of for those who are familiar with some of
the terrain but are not yet experts. This eBook is NOT intended as a complete guide
to the entire range and depth of social networking. That would take a very large book
indeed. It is however intended as the ultimate guide for those who want to
understand and make use of social networking to their advantage. Download Imaginet eBook

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