All about visual communication

Why does visual communication dominate in the modern world?

The web has definitely become more visual – images and infographics are everywhere and visual marketing has become a catchword to express this emphasis on the image. But just how has this emphasis on the visual evolved over time and how does it relate to modern technology?

It is fairly obvious that modern devices like tablets, laptops and mobile phones have made visual communication more popular. Another reason given for the increase in visual communication is the fast pace of modern life and the need for quick and effective stimulus. We live in an age where the saying “A picture tells a thousand words” is very appropriate. The popularity of infographics – condensed information presented by using a combination of text and graphics – is evidence of the need for quick and effective information that can  be easily assimilated.

Psychologist point out that we tend to absorb and retain about  80 percent of what we encounter visually, compared to 20 percent or less of what we hear. This a fact that the modern advertising and media marketing industry has used to great effect. It seems that human nature has a strong propensity for the  visual.  Pictures are far more effective in terms of conveying a massage or information than plain text.  In general “seeing is believing” for the modern individual. Have a look at this site on  the history of  visual communication  to get  an idea of the way that this form of communication has developed in tandem with human development.

The age of the visual is of course assisted by the ascent of social media and the need for ways to  reconstitute and present the masses of on-line information in a palatable and  accessible way. And styles are changing.  For example, in the past your CV or resume had to be presented in a rather formal and strict text format – today, visual resumes similar to infographics are what gets you the job!.

The use of visual images in social media are encouraged by online marketeers. This is what the  the Socialmedia Examiner has to say. “In this visual-centric world, it’s more important than ever to create high-quality sharable images.” So, there is little doubt about the importance of visual communication in the contemporary world. What has to discussed is the best way to present images both online and offline and what types of images are most effective in the dissemination and sharing of information. 

Have a look at the following infographic and you will see how much easier it is to assimilate than a few pages of text. 



Courtesy of: B2B Infographics