Here is a good infographic to get you started with online marketing.

As the infographic below points out, there has been an incredible and exponential growth in the number of internet users over the past ten years and this is a prominent area that marketers need to be aware of. The growth of online marketing is driven by demand and has begun to shape a set of rules and norms that anyone who wants to do business on the internet should be aware of.

There are many forms of online marketing; ranging from digital marketing to content marketing – with content marketing playing an increasingly important role in today’s marketing environment.  There is also a wide range of different online marketing methods.  There are various ways in which one can go about marketing your services and products online – these range from contextual ads to content.

Another aspect of marketing that is very important is search engine marketing or SEO. One has to market one’s website to the search engines to ensure that your website is visible on the web and through search. One must not forget the importance of email marketing and social media ads in the marketing mix. Marketing automatization has also become a very significant area of online marketing, to get your message out to as many people in your field as possible.



Online Marketing 101 #infographic
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