All about Google Authorship

All about Google Authorship

All about Google Authorship

by Gary Smith for Imaginet

Google authorship is becoming more important as a method of getting known and presenting your work  on social media and on Google search. But the process of versification is often troublesome. A very useful article by Mervik Haums entitled Why Google Authorship Is Not Working?  sums up the importance of Google Authorship  As he states:

“So, you would like to show your picture in the Google search results along with the title and description of your websites and blogs. First of all, why is that necessary? Because results with the picture of who wrote it get more attention and people would click on it more likely. Studies show the increase of clicks by 150% after adding Google authorship (search results with author picture and G+ profile link). And most of the bloggers are already doing it and if you miss, you’d lose traffic, probably.”

In essence  Google Authorship  means that a connection is made between your profile on Google Plus and your list of  pulbications sand your blog  or website – and this reflects in  Google search. It is basically a way of verifying authorship and thereby increasing authenticity – leading to  that all important issue of online trust.  But the process is still pretty complex. The above article  is worth reading as it deals as it deals with some of the common problem areas in author verification

Imaginet will be providing an e-tutorial on this issue shortly.


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