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How you can lose mobile data and not even know it!

We thought that we would share this useful infographic on how you can lose mobile data and how mobile data can be compromised.  One of the aspects that the infographic highlights  is the issue of mobile privacy. There are increasing reports  of malware attacks on mobile devices. As one report on this alarming trend states; “More than 588,000 Android users worldwide were attacked by financial malware between August 2013 and July 2014, six times the amount from the previous 12-month period”. Madan Oberoi, director of Cyber Innovation & Outreach at Interpol Commented : “During the past few years we have witnessed the rise of mobile cyber threats which have become more complex and intelligent enough to target specific entities. With the mobile market growing exponentially, it is clearer that these threats are mutating to include new attack vectors allowing the exploitation of personal smart devices,”

One also now has to be more cautious about the sharing of passwords and security keys with others, as this has been shown to be a factor in data loss.

6 Ways You May Be Losing Mobile Data

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