a better employee


Bosses get all the criticism in the work place. They are either too tough, too demanding, too tight-fisted or just plain mean.  But maybe there is another side to this story. Are you all doing the best you can to be a better employee?

A few questions around the office revealed that sometimes it is a little “give and take” on both the employer and employee.

So how can you improve your work ethic to impress your boss, get a raise or that promotion.. or just go home feeling fulfilled at the end of your working day ?

The biggest complaint from the bosses I talked to was late arrival at work.  It sent them a signal that the employee was not interested, didn’t care about their careers, or were just damn lazy !

So get to work on time. In fact, get to work 15 minutes before the time so you can be organized and ready to tackle the day.  This will be noticed by your boss and earn you mega points.

Dressing up for work is not always easy as sometimes a job requires manual labour. However if you arrive smartly dressed and neat it means you care about yourself and you respect your work place.  Make sure your clothes are clean and not wrinkled. Most companies today encourage a relaxed and comfortable dress code. However, impresssions do count so remember before you dress in the morning that you are sending a message about who you are through your wardrobe.

Helping others at work is a big plus. If you share your knowledge and are easy to approach , the work environment is better for everyone and your employer feels he has an ally in the office space.  Asking for help is just as important. If you need to finish a task, enlist the help of your colleagues but make sure they share in the glory if you are praised for your efforts.

Give at least seven hours of your day to your job . It’s not possible to concentrate or focus on tasks consistently and there are always interruptions. However keeping your  head down and  having a look of determination in your eyes is enough to get you at least a few things done in time and everybody wins.  Time is money to a business and if you save them time , the money could end up in your pocket instead.

Ask for work.. I know that sounds very scary.  However, learning how to manage many tasks makes you invaluable to the company.  Make yourself irreplaceable and then you have bargaining power when it comes to promotions or increase in pay.

Aim for a few of these and you might start enjoying your job and getting on with the boss !


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