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Create your own mobile website in minutes

Imaginet has launched a brand new site creator. Take it for a test drive… Our new Website creator offers a host of possibilities for easy and effective website creation. access to 200 categorized templates that enable you to build an attractive and effective website in minutes. mobile friendly – design a site for tablets or(…)

Routers and Problems

Your internet is down.. again !  What can be the problem now? Before you get rattled and start ripping out cords and rebooting or … in dire traits, reformatting, ….. check your modem. This piece of essential equipment is susceptible to power surgers, storms, and general wear and tear.  It can often be so simple(…)

Hidden features in Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin

We came across this very interesting infographic on valuable hidden features in the main social networks that we though would be of interest to you.  There are some amazing things here:for example did you know that you can add multiple images to a Twitter post and that you can communicate with people whom you are not connected with? As social network evolve and grow so their ability to connect and interact increases in subtle(…)

Fusion Capped ADSL package

Fusion Our new capped ADSL offering is bundled with a managed line which means you never have to phone Telkom again. Imaginet staff will report any faults or issues and escalate any problems you might experience. We follow up and keep you informed. The ADSL is top quality unshaped internet at its best. This capped(…)

Capped ADSL and line combinations|new promotion

FUSION PACKAGES IMAGINET is launching a new promotion on our Capped ADSL and line combinations to give the best value for your money ! Check out our new bundled packages!! FUSION Capped ADSL – No contracts, no hassles, just really superior internet access 24/7 with 10 G Free!! These new FUSION packages are available from(…)

iStart Capped ADSL|business internet

iStart Capped ADSL offers the  perfect internet connectivity  solution for your business. Limit the usage at the office, make sure you have your own domain and hosting for a professional business image, Don’t forget that with this package you get  a free domain and hosting for a whole year! We also offer you a pre-configured router which you can(…)

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