How often should you post on social media?

The issue of when and how often to post on social media  is a tricky one. The optimum number of posts on a network depends on various factors – your audience demographic, the type of info you are sharing, as well as when to post. However, there are general guidelines to follow when to comes(…)

Social media is growing up. Tweets in Google search

Social media is growing up. Tweets in  Google search The recent  deal and intersection between Google and Twitter is a trend that suggests the future importance of social media for search engine ranking. In essence, but only erratically and in some countries at present, tweets are now appearing in Google search carousels. Basically this means(…)

Social media shortcuts

Social Media keyboard short-cuts. We thought that we would share this very useful infographic with you – its all about speeding up your time on social media with handy keyboard shortcuts.  Social media is becoming more intensive everyday and keeping up with a wide range of networks is time-consuming. These short cuts go some way to improving your social media experience. The infographic is arranged to show the most(…)

What Type of Facebook User Are You?

This infographic is an interesting and humorous view of Facebook users – with a strong touch of marketing realism. Facebook is at present the most popular social network, with more than 1.5 billion active Facebook users. (Source: Facebook)  This is a 23 percent increase from March 2012.  What this means  for the marketer is that Facebook is too(…)

How To Use Hashtags

by Gary Smith  for Imaginet So, what exactly are hashtags? Hashtags are created simply by placing the hashtag sign # in front of a theme or subject  that you find interesting or want to promote. For example, if you are interested in finding information on a certain topic like social media, you can search for(…)

Why Google Plus is growing in popularity

      By Gary Smith for Imaginet Google plus is growing in popularity for a number of very good reasons. In the first place it provides a manageable means of communication with your followers – which is made even more effective by the simple but ingenious ‘circles’. By selecting certain followers and placing them(…)

Why you need a social media management service

Imaginet recently introduced a new website – imagi-social.co.za, as the central hub of our social media management service. The reason for the creation this site is that we have received numerous requests from people asking for a professional service to assist them with the time-consuming process of establishing and maintaining a viable social media strategy.(…)

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