Millennials and Healthy Nutrition

by Scott Bruce – guest blogger Being concerned with one’s health is a “normal” day to day habit in the current world.  More and more people across the world are changing their diets and lifestyles – why? People are more aware than ever before – and increasingly so, with millennials taking the lead. According to(…)

Our over-medicated world

The following infographic  reveals  very disturbing aspect of out modern technological society— the problem of over-medication and too great a  reliance on medication. The  infographic deals with the North American situation but the insights can relevant to many other countries, including South Africa, . Among the alarming insights that this infographic provides is the fact(…)

Support national Bandana Day !

Support national Bandana Day ! Imaginet is helping cancer victims nation-wide today. By purchasing a bandana for R25 you could make a difference and offer those fighting leukaemia and other life threatening blood disorders a chance of a future- states Tarryn Corlett, Chief Executive Officer for The Sunflower Fund. 12th October is National Bandana Day.

Health: Amazing facts about the human body

We thought we would share this amazing  and enlightening infographic dealing with facts about the human body.There are some truly astonishing facts here  – for example, that the nose has an astounding memory for smells and that human bone is stronger than concrete!!! Researched and produced by Advanced Physical Medicine – Chicago Bucktown Physical Therapy..

Our environment in danger

  More needs to be done about environmental pollution! Earth Day recently brought the issue of the continuing damage and degradation of our environment to the fore. industry is becoming more aware- companies like Lanseria Plastics, for example,  provide as way of recycling industrial waste. But while many are becoming more aware of the reality that our(…)

The way that technology impacts health

The link between and technology and health and the way that technology impacts health, is an ongoing debate with deep divides. On the one side there are those who see technological innovation as a boon to modern physical and mental health; on the other side are those who claim that technology is the cause of(…)

How to remain sane while doing social networking

View our Site Creator Hosting package It is not always possible to remain sane while doing  social networking. One gets drawn into the network of links, interrelationships, responses and interactions  that make up the intricate web of social media and networking;  and when you are  trying to manage four or five networks at the same time and making(…)

Why understanding social networks is vital

  Social networks and social media are vital because they are the future of communication, professional interaction and commerce. Social Interaction and engagement are not just terms bandied about by marketers, they are in fact pivotal elements in modern communications and business, as well as in other professional areas. With the advent of online marketing,(…)