How to protect yourself from malware – Malwarebytes

Security  on your desktop and your mobile devices has become an important issue in today’s always-on  world. Consequently, protecting yourself from infection and intrusion by malware is a matter of priority for online users.  What is Malware ? Wikipedia defines malware as ” ..malicious software…any software used to disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to(…)


The infographic below provides a basic overview of the difference between  cloud computing and the traditional computer to back up your data. One of the most obvious differences  is that equipment failure or failure of your hard drive will usually mean the loss of all your data – while data stored on cloud is not linked to local(…)

How to stop thieves accessing your cell phone

Cell phones are just vulnerable. They are hand held, can be snatched, left on counters in shops, drop out your pocket or you might just lose it under the load of washing. If someone has taken your phone you can protect it and make it really inaccessible and in so doing, protect all your personal(…)

Why you should choose Imaginet’s Business Hosting

  Business Hosting Experience Imaginet’s business hosting solutions provide for expert care and maintenance  of your  bushiness data. With more than 15 years industry experience, Imaginet has the expertise to look after your critical business data. Our state of the art equipment is housed in a secure Data Centre with network redundancy to ensure a(…)

Have you used Imaginet’s Control Panel today?

A Control Panel provides a location from which you can configure the functionality of your accounts and services with Imaginet.  We call our customised service My[Dot]… mainly because the address is It is a secure site where your passwords, information and billing details can be adjusted, checked or monitored. In order to log in(…)

How to avoid Spam as much as possible.

Dianne Miller  Don’t forget to download your free eBook on  Website promotion. Spam seems to be an inevitable way of internet life.  It’s almost unavoidable but you can take measures to limit the amount of spam you get. It has become essential to avoid spam as much as possible. Users are often required to give up email address to view content or to(…)

What is security – part one

What is security – part one

  From Imaginet. In the next few blogs I’ll be covering a very interesting area of computing that deals with security and security related vulnerabilities. BUT first off lets cover the basics and answer the question at hand – What is security? And to answer this we’ll look at various definitions surrounding the question of(…)