The current “future”- In a world where privacy is up for debate

The current “future” – by Matthew Smith  In a world where privacy is up for debate and identity is increasingly fading. What do you do when the world begins to resemble the likes of a sci-fi novel? People find Science fiction interesting, creative and thought provoking, but what happens when it is no longer an(…)

Our over-medicated world

The following infographic  reveals  very disturbing aspect of out modern technological society— the problem of over-medication and too great a  reliance on medication. The  infographic deals with the North American situation but the insights can relevant to many other countries, including South Africa, . Among the alarming insights that this infographic provides is the fact(…)

Chinese social media trends 2015

There has been a huge increase in the number of Chinese social media users – as can be seen in the infographic below. And this increase is recent with the volume of social sharing doubling in 2014. Another interesting and useful fact is that the average time that a user spends on social networks is 90 minutes a(…)

Evolution of social media

Here is a fascinating infographic about the evolution of social media. It begins way back in 1792 with the telegraph and shows the various cardinal points of development that eventually evolved into the intense social media network that we see today. It is interesting to note that since 2000 there has been an acceleration of the growth(…)

The future of the Internet

There are many visions and scenarios  about the future of the internet and the way it will develop We thought we would share this infographic with you about the way the Internet will look in 2015. What is immediately striking about this infographic is the estimation of the growth of data on the Internet –(…)

The reality of child labour

The issue of child labour and the abduction of young children The issue of child labour and the abduction of young children into various forms of slavery is one that is not often discussed – but it is an ever growing reality that is prevalent in our modern world. We came across this presentation on Child labour(…)

Our environment in danger

  More needs to be done about environmental pollution! Earth Day recently brought the issue of the continuing damage and degradation of our environment to the fore. industry is becoming more aware- companies like Lanseria Plastics, for example,  provide as way of recycling industrial waste. But while many are becoming more aware of the reality that our(…)

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