Chinese social media

There has been a huge increase in the number of Chinese social media users – as can be seen in the infographic below.

And this increase is recent with the volume of social sharing doubling in 2014.

  • Another interesting and useful fact is that the average time that a user spends on social networks is 90 minutes a day.
  • Over 400 million Chinese users use mobile devices to interact with social media online. This speaks volumes for the growth of the mobile industry and the importance in mobile proliferation.

All of the facts presented in the infographic below raise a wide range of questions. To what extent will Chinese social media influence other social media trends; and of course how do marketers take advantage of this  burgeoning market? One also has to take into account political and cultural barriers and restrictions to the growth ad influence of this market. We will be looking at some answers to these questions in future blog posts.



2015 Chinese Social Media Stats & Trends