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The buzz word is CONTENT MARKETING .  It’s on everyone’s lips and it seems to be getting a lot of publicity in the 2013 internet industry.

What exactly is content marketing?   I tried many definitions but it seems the rule of thumb is the creation and sharing of significant, informative content.  In making the content attractive to the public ,it helps convert prospects into customers and the customers into repeat buyers.  Of course the content must be related to the product sold and it hinges on education about the product or the service you offer.  By making this all transparent, it seems the public begin to develop a trust and if they trust you.. they want to do business with you or your company.

Where this content marketing becomes important is when it is online.  Everyone is trying to market business online and so the hype is on and it’s everywhere you look or listen !

The main themes are as follows :

1.Content Marketing is seen as the best advertisement online.  It is the cheapest and most effective way to get people to know you and your business, to like you and to trust your brand.

2. So people search for interesting and educational content. If you have this kind of material on your website and it’s good or maybe even great, then Google will want to rank you right up there so people can find you and be happy with what they find.

3. The world has changed. Customers no longer are pulled in by advertising.  Rather they want to be well informed and aware of all the details before making a purchasing decision. Price is not the only selling point.

4.The media has made it abundantly clear that social networks is the way to spread content.  It’s an enormously powerful medium for getting “word-of-mouth exposure” for the new generation of consumers.

Is this all true? It certainly will be fun to find out !

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