What is a Domain Epp Key?

It sounds easy but transferring a domain from one ISP to another is a little bit technical sometimes and not always obvious to the man in the street is the request for an EPP Key.  Most users are not familiar with this process but this is just a form of security which is used when making the transfer.  Just in case you get even more confused, this type of security is not required if you are transferring a .co.uk domain.

This Epp Key or Authorisation Code as it is sometimes referred to, is an unique code which is different for every domain out there in the web. It is an alphanumeric code and there is a limited lifespan on this which will expire if the domain is not transferred during this period. Not to worry though, another one can be generated if this happens.

It sounds like a mission but it is really easy to obtain this key from your Internet Service Provider. You merely have to inform them of your wish to transfer away and ask them for this Key or Code and they are obliged to supply it if you have made all your payments and are out of contract.  Notice of your intention to transfer away is also usually required.

Once you have the Key this can be sent to the new ISP to which you are transferring and they can then pick up the domain virtually and place it on their servers.