environment pollution

More needs to be done about environmental pollution!

Earth Day recently brought the issue of the continuing damage and degradation of our environment to the fore. industry is becoming more aware- companies like Lanseria Plastics, for example,  provide as way of recycling industrial waste. But while many are becoming more aware of the reality that our environment is in danger,  it is important to increase our focus on the severity of the problem in our modern industrialised world.

Social media is probably one of the best mediums to make people more aware of this  problem and issues that face  us on this planet. The following infographic  brings attention to some of the alarming facts about the lack of action to stop environmental pollution – especially with regard to the way that technology is affecting the environment.  For example, the infographic below clearly shows that very little is being done in terms of recycling technological products.

Please share this infograhic and help to make others more aware of the problem.


Earth Day Facts 2014

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Imaginet has recently started a Green Day initiative to promote environmental consciousness.   Our view if the very opposite of the satirical video below. ( although this is satire is is also very close to the truth in some cases).

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