Facebook Image Sizes

Here is very helpful infographic that  guides you through the different Facebook image sizes  as well as ad dimensions.

It is difficult and time consuming  to keep up with the required and optimum sizes of images on the different social media  networks, For example, do you know the correct size of the Timeline Cover Photo on Facebook; or the right upload size of a  thumbnail link? Impossible to keep up with – and this is where this handy infographic  from JonLoomer.com comes in handy.

Why is this important for social media marketing? The social media world and the Internet in general has become more visual. Facebook wants your images to be engaging and colourful – and this goes for other social networks like Google Plus and especially Pinterest. In marketing  terms, the more interesting and visually attractive your images,  the better  the response from viewers and potential clients.


facebook image dimensions All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]

Courtesy of: JonLoomer.com