hidden social network features

We came across this very interesting infographic on valuable hidden features in the main social networks that we though would be of interest to you. 

There are some amazing things here:for example did you know that you can add multiple images to a Twitter post and that you can communicate with people whom you are not connected with?

As social network evolve and grow so their ability to connect and interact increases in subtle ways – and it is quite a job keeping up with these changes and advantages. This is why this infographic is so useful. It summarizes some of the “hidden” features that you can use to increase  reach and interaction. Many Twitter users may not have been aware that you can mute a follower; which means removing their tweets from your timeline without actually unfollowing. The Infographic also explain how to access quick statistics on your Facebook posts. Another useful feature that many are not  aware of is the facility to download a list of all your connections in LinkedIn.

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Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know

Via Salesforce


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