vumatel fibre

How about making your business more efficient by choosing fibre ?

It just works better, has less chance of having copper issues, or weather related damage. It is easy to send and receive large documents, faster to back up your data quickly and without interruption and you can improve your internal communication networks.

Imaginet now sells both Openserve (Telkom) and Vumatel Fibre for the Home and Business.

Now Imaginet can get you connected on Vumatel Fibre.

Is your neighbourhood a VUMA hood? Now Imaginet can get you connected on Vumatel Fibre.

Branching out we now offer both Openserve and Vumatel networks for faster connectivity, without any Telkom landlines.. and you never have to worry about buffering or slow speed due to copper theft. You can now connect more devices in your home than ever before and streaming and gaming can happen at the same time. The possibilities are endless ! No limits just blazing fast broadband !

How do you know if you can get Vumatel in your neighbourhood?

Whether you need internet fibre to the home or the business, we can help you sort that out. Please contact our staff to find out if this is available in your area. All we need is your street address and we can check in a few minutes!  Call us on 086 11 111 01

FTTH is the way forward !

Check out our Vumatel website now:

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