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by Gary Smith for Imaginet

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Visual artists and photographers  can benefit greatly from the tendency toward images and the visuals that predominates online at the moment. Furthermore, social networking sites like Pinterest offer the perfect online platform for artists and photographers to display their work and promote and sell their creations.

Photographic and studio sites have blossomed online with a plethora of user friendly and often free sites that the artist can join to display his or her works. I will be publishing a top 100 list of the best of these sites on this blog in the next few weeks.  But the real opportunity for exposure and promotion lies with social media. Social media sites like Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn offer different but valuable tools for the artist and photographer to use to their advantage.  Have a look at just how easy it is to create Pinterest Boards in our free eBook on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest the artist can create a visually attractive portfolio as well as other visual boards that relate to his or her art or aspecst of style and technique. The possibilities for promoting your work are endless and remember that this is a social network that has 48.7 million users and the average time spent on the site is 14 minutes per visit. (April , 2013 stats from This bodes well for artists and photographers.

Of course there are other ways of using social networks to promote your work. This includes tweeting your latest works, finding galleries and other artists on LinkedIn and  using of Facebook and of course Instagram, to name but a few. We will be discussing the various opportunities in more depth in upcoming posts – PLUS interviews with artist’s who have used  social media with success.

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