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There are a number of ways to conserve your laptops battery power and to extend your work time.

–          Reduce multitasking.  In the process of multitasking between different applications one often leaves some applications open unnecessarily – this consumes battery power. Try to reduce your multitasking to the essentials.


–          If you are using Windows, go to the  power options and choose the most efficient  and power saving scheme.


–          Turn off the autosave function in applications  like Microsoft Word – this function continually saves your files to your drive or external device and adds to battery drain.


–          Remove external USB devices like MP3 and cellophane chargers; as well as other external drives that are not being used – including your CD  drive.


–          Turn off your Wi-Fi as this also uses a great deal of battery life.


–           Computer games, music or DVD movies and other multimedia significantly  drain laptop batteries.


–          Use your notebook touchpad rather than your mouse if you want to make your battery last longer. A mouse is another external input that drains battery power.


–          Turn off all schedules tasks – such as automatic virus scans.


–          Reduce the brightness of your screen display. The lower the brightness the more power the laptop has for other activities.


–          Switching off your screensaver will also conserve power.

–          Simply putting your speakers on mute will help to conserve battery power.


–          Reduce  computer temperature. Make sure that your computer is not in the sunlight  or in an airless environment like a  closed car – this  will also help to increase battery life.


–          Finally, you might consider purchasing an external battery pack. These rechargeable external batteries connect directly to a laptop and are capable of  powering and recharging  your  laptops, as well as other devices such as phones, cameras and iPads.


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