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The secret to successful website promotion via social networking is to choose those networks that suit your aims and content. Twitter for example is a perfect platform for short updates, links to informative content on your site and others and a quick way of keeping your followers and client’s up-to–date on what is happing in your business or profession.  A site like Pinterest on the other hand is completely visual and a perfect network for promoting images of your products

The following are some of the central features of the main social networks.

Essentially, Twitter is an online network that allows the user to receive and send messages of 140 characters – which refers to the famous ‘Tweets’. Twitter is also referred to as a ‘micro-blog’ and while it is limited by the fixed set of characters that you can input, it is a very effective communications tool.  (Note: there are ways around this text limitation – but that will be dealt within a more advanced and in-depth book on twitter that will be published by IMAGINET soon).

Twitter has developed into much more than just an online space for social conversation. For example, it is used extensively by researchers and academics to find and share information, as well as by many businesses to enable more effective customer relationships and to ascertain the perceptions and reception of their products. There are many different ways in which this social network can be used; for example, it can be used by a family to keep in touch, or a company to coordinate business, by the media to keep people informed – or by a writer or musician to build up a fan base.

Other ways to increase traffic

The above only touches on the main and central ways of promoting your web site. There are dozens of other tried and tested ways of getting your site noticed. Registering your web site on established and recognized business and other online directories is one useful method that can generate incoming links; another is making use of many free and paid for news release sites, as well as RSS feeds. These aspects will all be discussed in detail in the extended version of this guide that will be published soon. Join our twitter account for the latest updates.

 We hope that this short guide has been of use in the promotion of your site. One last thought – don’t rely on quick on automated ways of promoting your site. The modern internet is fast developing into an online environment where trust, interaction and contact are the main values that drive communication and commerce. Spend time on communicating and interacting with others via your social networks and this will pay off in the long term.

If you have any ideas and comments, or questions, that you would like to share with us or if you would just like to tell us what a great company we are, send an email or contact us via any of our social networks.

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