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Words by Theresa Lutge-Smith for Imaginet

In order to write copy that sells you should pay attention to the following factors:
• Copywriting is a powerful tool used in all types of business
• Creative copywriting is a strong way to communicate to a variety of audiences
• Good copywriting ‘sells’
• Innovative design + good copywriting = powerful delivery of your message
• Copywriting is a very specific skill. It is not sufficient to be proficient in creative writing.
• A more competitive market has created more sophisticated consumers.
• Consumers need to be convinced that what you are offering is the best choice.
• Consumers have become de-sensitised to traditional advertising methods.
• Consumers require more meaningful communication strategies.
• ‘Smart’ copy is no longer effective. The traditional gimmickry of rhyme schemes, humour and punning does not sell.

Broad guidelines

A solid concept is the essential foundation of your copy.
Make sure your copy is tailor-made to the product/service.
Deliver concepts in a creative succinct way.
Identify and utilize your unique selling pointl.
Good copy is clear and accessible.
Keep sentences short and copy punchy.
Maintain consistency of your tone and style.
Avoid overly complex sentences.
Do not ‘dumb down’ your copy.
Avoid repetition of information and words.
Never underestimate the power of editing. Revising and editing your copy creates a more refined and powerful end product.
Urge the reader to act – a strong message or call to action is key in creating copy that converts to customers.

The importance of the audience
A powerful message is only powerful when directed at the right target audience.
Create a profile of your target audience: age, sex, profession, disposable income and lifestyle interests.
Identify a message that will reach your audience in the most effective way.
Your tone of voice should be clear, confident and credible so that your audience will respond in a positive manner.
Back up your statements – don’t promise something you can’t deliver.
Your tone should be warm and inviting.
Client-specific copy is key in successful copywriting.
Your tone must involve the reader.
It is essential to make it very clear to the reader what the next steps are (a call to action) e.g. “Contact us for a free evaluation” or “Buy today and get a 10% discount on future purchases”.
The successful combination of good design and effective copywriting results in a strong media message.
Make sure that the design supports and complements the copy.


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