seo special offer from Imaginet

Imaginet offers SEO Special !!

 Our  SEO Promotion is for a limited period but we are halving prices  on all our SEO Audits.  Starting today ….!

Our aim is to find a solution for you and your business. As we have already moved into the digital age, there is no better way to advertise your services or products than online. However, your image on the internet will set the tone for your customer base! Without proper management of your site and applying search engine optimisation techniques consistently, you will not get the exposure you deserve.

What is SEO and why do you need it ?

SEO is the process of making your site visible on the internet. When prospective clients search for information relevant to you your site,  it should pop up.

You need SEO – without search engine optimisation your brilliant website may never be seen !  Even a great website is worthless if it cannot be found on the search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Imaginet’s SEO services provide all the necessary assessments and changes to your site to ensure you feature on these search engines.


What does Imaginet SEO  do :


1. We provide full SEO assesssment of your site.  This means we find the technical and search engine marketing errors that are preventing excellent visibility.

2. Imaginet manages and provides detailed feedback on the progress of your site on the search engines over time.

3. Cost varies from a basic assessment to a full management package.


Please note our SEO service is highly customizable – we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to analysis but rather take into account the aims and intentions of the site as well as subject or field in determining areas of value and concern.

Imaginet offers three basic SEO products which can be adjusted to suit your needs !

1.Basic SEO – R99 only

  •  Assessment of websites page rank and present position
  • Main on-page errors that need attention
  • Off- page improvements that are needed to increase visibility and search engine position
  • General content assessment

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2. Full Audit – R299 only 

The aim of a full SEO audit is to ascertain those central aspects that need attention with regard to the SEO requirement for Google, Bing and Yahoo. These include in addition to the above, the following –

  • Keyword analysis – selecting he best keywords in terms of search volume and competition
  • Backlink analysis – (up to 30 pages analysed)
  • Page optimization -top five pages analysed for on-page and content errors
  • A full analysis of the recent metrics of the site  – including social media shares
  • Full action plan to implement findings from the above analysis

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 3. SEO management service

SEO is not something that can be adequately accomplished overnight. The SEO process, keyword research and backlink building is a long-term process. This is necessary if the results are to be sustainable over time. A full SEO management service includes all the above aspects as well as:

  • An initial comprehensive audit of the website
  • Regular reports and statistics on keyword and site progress
  • Content development initiatives
  • A full action plan to optimize the site
  • Quotation on request !

Please contact us for a customised quotation. Contact Dianne Miller: or call 086 111 1101 for more information.