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MTN Mobile Data 3G

Having affordable mobile data makes life so much easier.  If your job takes you out and about you can connect anywhere with your mobile data on your laptop or iPad as long as you are in an area with MTN coverage.

Our data packages are staggered from 500 Mb for the small or emergency use right up to 10 Gb for the more serious business man or woman. Our MTN data prices are amazing enough to satisfy even the most serious bargain hunter.

We will set up your SIM and courier it to your door for your convenience. Please note there is a once-off courier fee of R200. Each offering is hard capped and there are No Contracts. If you run out of data, simply purchase a top up, and keep all your mobile devices connected.

You don’t want to be without a connection when you need it most! It’s so easy to apply.

What mobile data deal could be simpler? You pay month to month and can cancel with 30 days notice, so get one today!

Get your MTN Mobile Data now!