web designGood web design is something that has become essential for any business or organization today.

Without an effective and attractive website there is simply no hope of attracting clients and viewers.  Your website is your public image and the way it is designed reflects your ethos and identity.  A poorly designed  website is really not worth the time and trouble and can have as negative impact on your business.

Imaginet offers a fully comprehensive Web design service  from March 2014. We already have our simple site creator, which is a do-it-yourself design tool, but some of you have asked us for a professional development option and your demand has spurred us on to establish a brand new department and offering !

So, what makes Imaginet’s Web Design service better than others ?

In a nutshell we offer better prices,  professional web design supported by our well-known customer service, as well as a  comprehensive marketing strategy that includes Social media management and search engine optimization for your  website.

Firstly,  many design companies  charge a fortune for very little. Advanced Web design in South Africa is notoriously expensive.  Our first aim is to give clients a reasonable pricing structure as so many of  our clients come to us after having spent a lot of money on an inferior product which doesn’t work and cannot be easily maintained.  Customisation and attention to the and vision of our clients.  Customer satisfaction is our most important product and we aim to make sure that web design is no exception to that rule.

Among others, we offer-

  • Fully Responsive web sites
  • Backend Admin Control Panel
  • Retina Ready
  • Fully Customisable
  • Short Code Generator
  • Feature Rich and Expandable

Your site gets tested on various major browsers as well as on various mobile devises to ensure your site looks good no matter what your visitor uses to view it…

Our Social media and SEO service is well established to ensure the promotion and marketing of your website.

You need help? Not sure what kind of website you need?

Drop our vibrant development team an email at dev@imaginet.co.za and they’ll be happy to assist you.