Managing Mails

Managing your emails can be a breeze with a mail client.

I have way too many email addresses. I have accumulated them over the years that I have been online. Some are from my primary school days when I thought it was cool to be known as priceless_jewel_of_the _desert, some are from my high school days when I was experimenting with nicknames like Larz, and others are from my slightly more sensible University days when I started using my actual name (or as close to my name as I could find in the available nicknames). I have an address for work, and address for chatting, an address for friends and an address for family, and if I were to check them all in a browser at the same time, I would have between 5 and 10 tabs open. This can get rather confusing as you can imagine.

This is why I use a mail client. A mail client is a program like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird (or Eudora, or Incredimail, or ten million others) that manages your emails. You can add your email address to your mail client and it will automatically check for new messages every 10 minutes or so. And not only can you receive mails using a mail client, you can also send them. What is particularly handy for me, with all of my addresses, is that it can check all of your email accounts at the same time and can let you choose which address you want to send emails from. It makes managing a large number of addresses an absolute pleasure!

Mozilla Thunderbird is my personal preference, but if you have a large number of email addresses, I would highly suggest choosing a mail client that suits you. What is the difference between mail clients? Well, the layout and feel of the client will be different in each case, and choosing a client is simply a matter of finding one that you are comfortable using and that you like the look of. Many people find Outlook easier to use than Thunderbird or Eudora, many prefer Windows Mail to any other. Shop around and choose one that suits your personality, your experience and your needs.

If you are having trouble setting up your email address in a mail client, there are a number of tutorials available online to help you through. And once your client is set up, checking your emails will be as simple as the click of a button. So what are you waiting for?

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