milliennals and health

by Scott Bruce – guest blogger

Being concerned with one’s health is a “normal” day to day habit in the current world.  More and more people across the world are changing their diets and lifestyles – why? People are more aware than ever before – and increasingly so, with millennials taking the lead.

According to Lindsay Drucker Mann, a vice president in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, Millennials are the largest generation in US History.  There are approximately 92 million Millennials in the US, as opposed to 77 million “baby boomers”.  Millennials are entering their peak spending years with regards to spending and influence.  More than 80% of millennials have mobile phones and more than 75% of millennials have Social Media profiles.  Furthermore, they have become the “voice” as to which applications; technologies and items to purchase –as millennials are 10 times more likely to blog or post about something – influence.  They are a research oriented  generation of researchers, always checking prices, ingredients and social media before making purchasing decisions –directly affecting the economy and direction of products which become available.(

Millennials are currently the most socially active/socially conscious individuals in the world; so individual in fact that each one has his or her own health concerns.

Gluten intolerance has either become extremely popular; highly contagious or simply more widely diagnosed due to advances in every day technology – The phrase “Let me google that” comes to mind.  Information at your fingertips; this has lead to more and more people being educated in self-care and nutrition.  As a result, supplements and other health products are now more widely available than ever before -complete with a selection of food items, suited to different dietary requirements.

They say that the seven best doctors are:

  • Sunshine
  • Air
  • Exercise
  • Water
  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Laughter

Now if only it were that simple – or perhaps it is.

Nestle currently has a nutritional boost, containing 26 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants plus protein – balanced nutrition.  There are many products which focus on healthcare, products which weren’t available for previous generations; leading to a naturally healthier future generation.

To lead a “healthy” lifestyle, we are expected to consume enough (the correct) nutrients; exercise sufficiently as well as achieve an optimal amount of sleep per night.  This ideal is unfortunately not always viable; people lead busy lives, lives which usually do not allow for one to lead a (the) desired lifestyle. lists “The 25 worst things you can do for your body”.  Oversleeping; drinking on a daily basis; down to wearing the incorrect footwear – informative as well as helpful. ( ) This information would not have been so easily accessible in the past, just proving that as the world of technology evolves, so too will people –starting with millennials.

Millennials are probably the most “caring” generation, as they care for their own health as well as the world around them-mostly.  As a child we were all (maybe not all) taught to eat well balanced meals, and this included animal products… however, due to the increase in health awareness more people are becoming vegan. Luckily, being a vegan and avoiding animal products has never been easier.  There are dedicated stores that sell vegan products; as well as all vegan restaurants –due to the added convenience of vegan food products, it is now even easier to be healthy as well as to care for the earth.  Although, not all millennials are vegans – millennials are far too diverse – yet the bulk of millennials (Generation Y) do indeed care about what they put into their bodies and where it comes from -more so than other generations. In fact,   people across every generation are waking up to a healthier tomorrow; leading the world to a possible future, a future we all believe to be filled with the pollution of man.

As more people begin to open their eyes to clean living; with tailored diets and custom lifestyles – all being environmentally friendly, the hope of a better tomorrow becomes brighter.  If the human race were to continue on the downward spiral of pollution and neglect seen by every city goer to this day, the future would not be a desired one – yet hopefully millennials can make the difference we all need.  With the advances in technology – not only with regards to the devices we use on a daily basis, but also with regards to the quality and benefit of the foods we consume.  A healthier tomorrow is inevitably – if you need to know more, just google it.